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Terms of service



  • You are expected to keep all your account information up-to-date while you're active customer of RedXserver.
  • If an inactive account goes active once again the customer is expected to keep all the information up-to-date.

Customer Responsibilities

  • All the services are unmanaged, user are responsible for any type of crash due to plugins or mod as we do not provide support for it.
  • User is also responsibe for time to time server payments, in case of due of payment server will go down and the customer will be held responsible for it.
  • Amount of RAM allocated to each plan is restricted and cannot be modified or circumvented.
  • Customer can change the number of slots at any time and any nymber of times from their panel.
  • CPU-intensive servers (defined as server instances using over 100% CPU) may be suspended, with or without warning, due to the interruption of other customers’ services. Un-suspension of suspended services is purely at the discretion of RedXserver administrators, and is not guaranteed. Furthermore, refunds requested after suspension of a server for the above reason are not guaranteed and are also purely discretionary.
  • Disk space is restricted as per plan and cannot be modified in future. Any unnecessary files, such as log files, Dynmap .PNG web tiles / files, etc., may be removed with or without prior notice.

Payments and Invoices

  • Customers are not held to a contract or subscription basis, thus allowing month-by-month payments without any obligations to continue the service.
    1. An invoice will be generated 10 (“ten”) days prior to any service due date, including a list of services that are due to be renewed and their respective amounts.
    2. If left unpaid, the invoice will become overdue the day after the due date at 12 AM UTC, thus sending an overdue notice to your email. At this point, any affected services will be suspended for overdue payment.
    3. If not paid after the first overdue notice, a second notice will be sent on the second day of being overdue. Suspended services will remain suspended.
    4. If not paid after suspension, the service will be automatically terminated for non-payment.
    5. No refund policy is active on RedXserver till date.


  • Customers that are found abusing the service may be suspended and/or terminated at any time without prior notification, but only with sufficient reason to do so, as seen fit by members of RedXserver. The following situations are reasons (but not limited to) for suspension and/or immediate termination:
    1. High CPU usage by plugin(s)
    2. Misusing resources to attempt to gain higher security access
    3. Use of a plugin that disrupts any internal or external services (eg. automated backup plugins, botnets, etc.)
    4. Using unauthorized JARs in place of Minecraft